"A True Kickoff to ASHA"

The annual aphasia community breakfast continues to be a "true kickoff to ASHA". This year, over 100 colleagues and friends got together for a morning of networking and small group discussions on topics of the day. As the breakfast was winding down, each table gave a "readout" of the discussion they had. We videotaped each report to make sure that you didn't miss anything that was shared.

Look for more of what was shared at the aphasia breakfast in the coming weeks.


Different Ideas for Thematic Groups

Forming an Aphasia Group

Goal Writing


Outcome Measures

Research Evidence to Support the LPAA

Supporting Caregivers of People with Aphasia


Tapping Specific Linguistic Goals in a Conversation Group

Training Undergraduates and Graduates in the LPAA

Utilizing Technology, including AAC's


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