While June is Aphasia Awareness Month...
Communication Access Is Bigger Than One Month A Year

It's hard to imagine now, but 30 years ago, millions of Americans with physical disabilities couldn't access public spaces, businesses, and other facilities they needed to live a full, rewarding life - there were stairs instead of ramps, signs without Braille, pedestrian signs without tones for the deaf. Now, those are relics of an era that disregarded the lives of those with disabilities, but there is still more work to be done.

The communication barrier presented by aphasia can create problems - like health professionals not understanding what their patients with aphasia are trying to say, or inaccurate assumptions by the public - but what is often misunderstood is that individuals with aphasia still think and process life's experiences the same way they did before aphasia. 

If healthcare professionals, loved ones, and communities remain untrained in communication access techniques, every interaction, relationship, and future independence will be undermined by erroneous assumptions which often lead to devastating consequences. With the strides made by the Americans with Disabilities Act, why hasn't communication access become as ubiquitous as wheelchair ramps or signs with Braille? 

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