Aphasia Access Educational Videos

In 2015 Aphasia Access produced a series of webinars and educational videos. These videos are now offered as part of a library of resources to:

● Inform SLPs, healthcare providers and primary care givers, sharing new tools they can use immediately
● Educate people with aphasia, along with their families
● Inspire the broader community so that they will become advocates for communication access

If you are looking for a video to play at your next staff training session, or need a tool to share with other members of your local healthcare community to better educate them about aphasia, look no further. Videos are available under a Creative Commons license. You can use these in anyway helpful to your work - just credit Aphasia Access and please do not edit.

LPAA 101 Videos 

In the LPAA 101 video series, noted experts in aphasia care walk you through key aspects of the LPAA. These are great as refreshers, as on-boarding resources for new staff members, as tools to educate families with a recent aphasia diagnosis or to educate key stakeholders in your community, including Boards of Directors. 

What is the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia?
Roberta J. Elman, Ph.D.
Aphasia Center of California 

 Living with Aphasia: What Is the A-FROM
Nina Simmons-Mackie, Ph.D.
Southeastern LA University 

 What Does Aphasia-Friendly Healthcare Mean?
Leora Cherney, Ph.D.
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago 



Aphasia Access, through leadership support from the Robert & Joan Dircks Foundation, and the generosity of other supporters, is pleased to share this video series illustrating the 5 Core Values of the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia. Aphasia Access is grateful to the people with aphasia, and their families, who gave so freely of their time to be a part of these videos and share their first-hand perspective. Look for videos on the 4th and 5th core value coming soon.

Introduction Core Value #1
The Explicit Goal is Enhancement of Life Participation
Core Value #2
Everyone Affected by Aphasia is Entitled To Service
Core Value #3
Success Measures Include Documented Life Enhancement Changes
Core Value #4
Both Personal and Environmental Factors are Intervention Targets
Core Value #5
Emphasis is on Availability of Services as Needed at All Stages of Aphasia



These longer videos (5-8 minutes), in the LPAA 101 in Action video series, are training tools designed to educate. The practical ideas and suggestions in these videos are easily implemented in your aphasia care program to help you improve the quality of care and the support you provide to people with aphasia and their families.

Adjusting Your Talking  Strategies for Acute Care 
 Strategies for Outpatient
and Community Programs
Strategies for Rehabilitation 
Using Gesture and Body Language   Using Writing and Graphics