Taking a Closer Look...

Aphasia in North America
White Paper Recommendations

Recommendation #1 How Many People Have Aphasia in North America?
Recommendation #2 Strategic Awareness Programs
Recommendation #3 Increase Sustainable Funding for Aphasia Services
Recommendation #4 Improve Services for People with Aphasia
Recommendation #5 Improve Services for Family Members or Caregivers
Recommendation #6 Improve Communication Access in Health Care and the Wider Community
Recommendation #7 Generate 'Audit' Mechanisms to Track Key Features of Aphasia Services

Recommendation #8

Connect Across Organizations and Systems to Identify Best Available Resources
Suitable for Aphasia and Other Communication Disabilities
Recommendation #9 Promote Interprofessional Programs Designed to Prevent Social Isolation
Recommendation #10 Increase Research Aimed at the Consequences of Aphasia