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Have you ever sat at your computer thinking, "surely someone else has already done something like this before", but didn’t know where to turn? This page might be a good start!

Aphasia Access has created a "resource exchange" page for members of the aphasia care community to share aphasia-friendly forms and other helpful documents. Click on the link below to review and download examples that you can utilize in your own aphasia care community. All samples on the resource exchange are offered "as-is" and are not endorsed by Aphasia Access.

Do you have a resource that you would like to share with the Aphasia Access community? You can submit your resource, and begin helping colleagues worldwide, by sharing your aphasia friendly forms or group activities.


Aphasia-Friendly Forms

Here's a sample of what's inside

Consent Form (Aphasia Bank)
Photo Form (Aphasia Center of W. Texas)

 Group Activities

Here's a sample of what's inside

Conversation Jenga (Aphasia Center of Tucson)
Communication Methods (Brooks Rehab Aphasia Center)


Resource of the Month

Virtual Brag and Steal Recordings & Resources


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