2019 Leadership Summit Round Table Schedule (scroll down for Saturday)

Friday Round Tables: 2:00 - 3:00 PM



Goal Setting in Group Aphasia Programs
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Ellen Cotton

Is It Possible To Balance Professionalism and Relationship Centered Care When Working In a LPAA Framework?

Rochelle Cohen-Schneider

Group-Based Speech Therapy

Mackenzie E. Fama
Candace van der Stelt

Empower and inspire your members by involving them in the creation and facilitation of aphasia community groups

Jodi Morgan
Melissa Godsey

Preparation for Aphasia Group Treatment in a University Clinic

Caterina Staltari

Experiential learning and the LPAA: A guide for facilitators

Esther Kim
Andrea Reulling

Application of the life participation approach for individuals living with primary progressive aphasia

Rebecca Khayum
Angela Roberts
Aimee Reaume Mooney
Melanie Fried-Oken
Libby Rogers

Project-Based Interventions: Embedding meaningful activity for adults with aphasia and traumatic brain injury

Ms Julie A Hart
Tom Sather
Melissa Capo
Jerry Hoepner

Integrating Family/Caregiver Education into an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program

Ann Oehring
Edna Babbitt
Leora Cherney

Patient-Centered Research Funding: Continuing the conversation with PCORI representive Lisa Stewart

 Lisa Stewart


Saturday Round Tables: 12:45 - 1:45 PM



Collaborative goal-setting using goal attainment scaling

Audrey Holland
Katarina Haley

Bridging Service Gaps in Aphasia through Technology

Megan Sutton

Is there a place at the LPAA table for the clinical psychologist?

Mary Jo Santo Pietro
Jennifer Block-Lerner

Turning Caregiver Education Upside Down:  A Bottom-Up Approach (but it's not just bottom-up).

Frankie B Sims
Kimberly Lesniewicz
Lynn Maher

Hospital Simulation and Interprofessional Education for Future Health Care Professionals Interacting with Persons with Aphasia

Melinda Corwin
Carolyn Perry

Cultivating Relationships: Narrowing the Research-Practice Gap in Best Practices for Aphasia

Mackenzie E. Fama
Maura Silverman

Unpacking the Layers in Life with Primary Progressive Aphasia

Cecelia R. Zorn
Wayne R. Zorn
Tania Riske
Tom Sather

More than a get-away: The Aphasia Camp experience

Esther S Kim
Mary Beth Clark
Jerry Hoepner
Michele Knutson
Tom Sather

Bridging the Gap Hospital to Home: A Collaborative Approach to Stroke Education

Lisa Thornburg

Rachel Berriker 


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This course is offered for a maximum of 1.3 ASHA CEU’s (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)